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Before / After School

  • Learning Outside the Box

    We strive to make your life more convenient and less stressful.  In order to make that happen we have developed Before- and After-School Care, School Holidays, Track Out, and Summer Camp programs. We instill a continued love of learning for children 5 through 12 years old.  How nice it will be to pick up your child knowing they have had time to relax after a long day at school, enjoyed a nutritious snack, spent time with his friends playing games and having fun outside as well as the blessing of having homework completed. Not only that, but also, we provide bus service from the following schools!                                                                                                                   These schools include:  Briar Creek, W.G. Pearson, Pearson Town, R.T. C.A. and Bethesda.

    A Breath of Fresh Air

    Our Before- and After-School Program focuses on making learning fun. We welcome the Before- and After-School children to an environment with plenty of opportunities to unwind and just enjoy being a kid! From our large activity room with a game zone, computer lab, homework tutoring, arts and crafts, and much more.  Our spacious outdoor playground designed especially for the older child, Kids 'R' Kids meets all the requirements to captivate and satisfy the needs of the school-aged child. A special feature of our outdoor area is the fantastic water park.  Your child will find this to be a breath of fresh air!

     Helping Hands, Helping Hearts

    At Kids 'R' Kids, your child can relax, knowing that he belongs in a loving, supportive environment and is encouraged to create lasting friendships and connections with his teachers and classmates.
    Our “Hug First, Then Teach” philosophy still holds true in the Before- and After-School Program. Kids 'R' Kids Character Counts program fosters loving kindness, respect, and understanding in every facet of our approach.

     The Benefits

    Our Before- and After-School Program has many incredible features:

    • We Open Early! Kids 'R' Kids opens at 7:00 a.m.  in order to serve our working and busy families.
    • Curbside Service: During the school year, we provide bus service from the following elementary schools:  Briar Creek,W.G. Pearson, Pearson Town, R.T. C.A. and Bethesda.
    • The Kids 'R' Kids Homework Help Club is designed to relieve some of the stress homework may bring to your child and fosters a sense of support and encouragement. Our teachers are available for necessary homework help. This promotes a healthy beginning, middle, and end to another successful school year and adds more quality time for your family.
    • The Discovery Zone presents exciting aspects of earth science and the environmental needs of our communities. From identifying rocks to learning about the benefits of recycling, your child will see how she can learn about the earth and make a difference for future generations.
    • The Creative Zone addresses artistic expression that appeals to the theater buff in your child. He can perform a short play, write a puppet show, or help direct a musical.
      Game Zone provides trivia games, group activities, and board games for kids who love a challenge with an added twist of fun. It is a wonderful social experience your child will never forget.
    • The Construction Zone offers an array of sought-after hobbies which have never been so much fun. Here, your child can explore cooking, baking, crafts, and various other teacher-supervised activities to expand her knowledge.
    • The Media Center brings change to our world with technology! To keep your child on the leading-edge, we offer the newest and most advanced games the educational media offers.
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