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Why We Chose Kids 'R' Kids RTP - A Parent's Perspective


7 Reasons Why We Chose
A Five Star Preschool Education
At Kids R Kids RTP
For Our Son


A Parent’s Perspective…

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Lynn Rasmussen, Owner of Kids R Kids RTP


#1: “We Were Initially Attracted by the Perfect Location, Facility Security, Timings, and Fair Rates.”

Lynn’s Notes:

Kids R Kids RTP is strategically located right in RTP, very close to Brier Creek, and minutes from downtown Durham and Duke University.

Some parents go into work early and others must work late. Our preschool offers childcare from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday to accommodate our parents’ work schedules.

Our classrooms have glass walls on three sides for optimal visibility.  We also keep our main door locked with keypad access for parents and staff.  A technology called WatchMeGrow enables parents to view video of their children during the day. Safety and security are really important at Kids R Kids RTP.

Our rates are reasonable and we provide a nutritious breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snacks to all students.


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#2: “Both of us have masters degrees and we wanted our child to love learning. At Kids R Kids RTP, our child is also building emotional intelligence which we believe, is an equally valuable skill.”

Lynn’s Notes:

A great five-star rated preschool prepares children for today’s complex world by nurturing the wonder and curiosity they possess in spades. But we never forget our first priority is to love the children in our care so they feel at home. This is why, at Kids R Kids RTP, children are "Hugged First and Then Taught."

#3: “Kids R Kids RTP has given my child what we cannot...daily social interaction with his peers…”

Lynn’s Notes:

At our preschool, we teach children social skills in many different ways. Sharing, taking turns, positive interactions, dealing with authority, and appropriate inside behavior are all learned behaviors that serve children in elementary school and beyond. Children are taught to line up and wait patiently at the door. By modeling future classroom behaviors early on, our graduates breeze through kindergarten. 

Children must raise their hands during group circle times and classroom respect sets them up to be successful in a school environment.

#4: “My child comes home with drawings, artwork, and craft projects every single day. This ability to express himself creatively has fueled his imagination, and his love for art. The special events – Halloween Truck o’ Treat, Parades, and Holiday Parties… Priceless!”

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Lynn’s Notes:

Preschool allows children room for imagination through a variety of creative activities. Outdoor science gardens, outdoor playgrounds, and indoor free time are all designed to enhance a child's imagination in a safe environment.



Children can express themselves though music, movement, art, dramatic play and blocks. Weekly themes encourage creativity. Learning the concept of money can be as simple as tracing coins in the writing center, building banks in the blocks center, and holding a bake sale in the dramatic play center. John Medina, author of Brain Rules for Baby: How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five, explains the benefits to "open-ended activities". He states that kids allowed a specific type of open-ended playtime were more creative, more socially skilled, less stressed and better at language, memory and problem solving skills.

#5: “I’m so impressed to see 3 and 4 year olds stand patiently in line before breakfast, outside playtime, and lunch. Routines, predictability and consistency have helped my child become so secure and confident. We give Kids R Kids full credit for that. ”

Lynn’s Notes:

Dr. Laura Markham of Aha!Parenting.com explains, "Routines give children a sense of security". Children get excited knowing that after art time, a delicious snack will be served or that after rest time, they will go outside on a nature walk. Oftentimes, young toddlers finish lunch and lineup by the door, without instruction, knowing that outdoor time is next on their daily schedule. These are examples of Markham's "Looking Forward" theory that we utilize at Kids R Kids RTP.

#6: “We live in an inter-connected world. At Kids R Kids, diversity is celebrated. When your three year old recites his Spanish numbers at bath time and asks you questions like ‘What’s the capital of China?’ you can’t but help smile.”

Lynn’s Notes:

At Kids R Kids RTP, we educate children about different cultures through pictures, books, toys, music and social events. For example, we had an "Around the World Day" where children brought a rolling suitcase. Each classroom was decorated to look like a particular country. Passports in hand, they travelled and experienced the food, culture, music, dances, and clothing in far-away lands like China and France.


#7: “Kindergarten Readiness means different things to different people. We are so glad we decided to invest in a preschool education for our son. He’s going to find his transition to kindergarten so easy. My wife had mother’s guilt initially, but not anymore… Four years later, as we look back on our decision to select Kids R Kids, we know we did the right thing by him.”

Lynn’s Notes:

By introducing social skills, cognitive learning, and independence at an early age, parents make sure that their children are well prepared for kindergarten. Some necessary skills for kindergarten include developing sight word vocabulary, following directions, learning how to share, and having positive interactions in large group activities.

According to a report from Southwest Educational Development Laboratory, parents who focus on education raise children who graduate high school and attend post secondary education, rank higher on test scores and grades, and display better social skills than their counterparts.



Visit Kids R Kids in Research Triangle Park of Durham, NC, to see a five star preschool in action.


Trust your instinct because as a parent, you know what’s best for your child. Happy touring!

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